3 Simple Steps to Success


Go to your app store and download the HomeScout app

Use the VIP code that you received in your welcome email when prompted to create an account. (NOTE: If you choose to use the website instead, go to www.homescout.com and follow these same steps.) Familiarize yourself with the HomeScout search features and become the app expert for your customers. See video for a quick tour.

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Property Detail Screen Features


1.     Share feature-Share listing via text, email or on Facebook

2.     Save as a Favorite property

3.     Request to Get Pre-Approved

4.     Schedule Showing online by contacting the loan officer or agent

5.     Compare Payments launches the mortgage calculator to view various payment scenarios

6.     Contact your real estate agent

7.     Contact your loan officer

(And many more)


Increase your “App Share” by asking others to share the app too! Make it a goal to get an “App a Day”

Sharing the app is not only critical to the success you will experience with HomeScout, it's easy! Share the app with your friends, family, and customers (past and present). In fact, you can greatly increase your "App Share" by encouraging the people you have in the app to share it with their sphere-of-influence as well! Make it a goal to get at least 15-20 people into the app in the first several days after you get started. Watch this video for share options.

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Monitor and support your buyers on HomeScout by logging into the HBM Dash buyer reporting interface

Once you have begun to share the HomeScout app with others:

  • Download the HBM Dash from your app store


  • Go to the HBM Dash website at www.hbmdash.com

Then login using the credentials provided in your Welcome Email.
(NOTE:  If you lost this info, attempt to go through the "Forgot Password/User Name" feature, entering the email address you provided for your HBM Dash account.)

Watch this video on how to access the HBM Dash.

The Quick List is the default screen for the HBM Dash that shows your buyer’s online activities and automatically ranks them based on their level of activity on the HomeScout app. It helps you and your agents, by automatically sorting through all buyers and showing where you should be to be focusing your time and efforts. This feature will save you time and resources, in addition to giving you the opportunity to stay connected with buyers.

From here you can launch the Fish Bowl for in-depth buyer reporting.


The Fish Bowl is a real-time newsfeed of all buyer activities on the HomeScout app. It provides various time-saving filters that help loan officers and agents view the kinds of activities their buyers are doing, when they are doing it and how often.
• Logged in
• Saved a property
• Viewed a property
• Requested a showing
• Used calculator
• Requested a pre-approval
And many more


Check out our Webinar Series!

Once you have gotten started, Nexgen HBM offers several webinar sessions each week to train loan officers and agents on more of its real estate and technology services, including HomeScout and the HBM Dash. To view the list of webinar offerings, go to the "Support" link inside of the www.hbmdash.com*.