Engage and retain home buyers with real estate search

Keep your customers engaged with a home search app where you are branded on every screen and off public search portals where you are at risk of losing them to your competition.

See how our HomeScout® and HBM Dash technologies work in sync to provide an end-to-end lead and conversion solution for loan officers and real estate agents


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Listing data from coast to coast, updated thousands of times a week

Our lender-centric lead and conversion platform features nationwide MLS listing data, considered the gold-standard as the most accurate property information available anywhere. Period.

HomeScout search widget

HomeScout search widget

Seamless integration into existing technologies and lender web sites

HomeScout® provides loan officers a seamless way to add consumer facing real estate search to their own web sites to help bolster lead generation. The loan officer is branded on every screen of the real estate search. One-touch communications make is easy for buyers to contact you with financing questions or request to be introduced to a real estate agent directly from the HomeScout app.